I have placed this up on my site as so few women know what to do.

Many men were snipped and do not know how to care for an intact penis either . . .

This practice did not come up as I, and my first husband, 35 years ago were in such a respectful-to-Nature/bodies and particularly our newborn state that there was NO WAY anyone was going to touch him with ANY metal – as it was not as he was designed to operate. This was when circumcision was still practiced routinely.

If the vaccination issue had arisen, my answer would have been – when he has an immune system to boost will be early enough. He had no show of coping with foreign proteins, so why force his perfect system to struggle unnecessarily?

So the same also held for cutting parts of him off as though they were excess to requirements. Beyond this, was it my role to mutilate him – nature had grown everything for a reason – whether I knew why, or not. I also thought it a matter for him to sort out when he was older – if he wanted to – as it was his body.

Hence although no one even asked us if we wanted him ‘done’, it just was not in our consciousness. This meant that when he was about three years old, and I had re-partnered with a man who had NOT been circumcised, he pointed out that my son’s penis was not retractable and he set about trying to help it. Eventually it was found – and this began what I thought was his uneventful life.

Fast forwards to when he was a teenager. He took me downstairs to my clinic area, and sat on a chair, pulled is pants down and asked me should his penis look – like this?

He was right – it was stuck – and with each erection, it was being strangled. . .
He went in to the public system and had a (botched) adult circumcision.
I was not having this happen to my baby – who at the time was several months old.

Back to baby two . . . his father – the uncircumcised one – of course was not having HIS son messed with. He taught him as his own father had – to pull the skin back a little and swish the bath water over it when in the bath nightly. This did – and no doubt wee boys play with themselves – his was never an issue. When son three came along when son one was having all of his dramas – I knew to take evasive action.

Every bath I was diligent in ensuring the penis retracted a little more each time – and that the same time, organised a visit with the hospital urologist to see if normal was happening yet. The specialist and his residents all piled around mum and baby spread eagled playing happily. He asked the assorted new doctors what normal was – no one knew – I had done it far sooner than was needed apparently – and baby son was totally normal . . . so ended my little penis adventure.

Why hang on to a foreskin?
Because boys are made that way.
Here is how a foreskin operates. (Warning – graphic animation)

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