Steep decline in male sperm count

How did this happen?

 I remember the common fertility crisis being pregnant AGAIN.
One reason may be this common herbicide. . .

Steep decline in human male sperm count concomitant with rise in testicular germ cell cancer, congenital malformations of the male reproductive tract and drop in serum testosterone levels, all pointing towards increasing exposure to glyphosate/Roundup herbicides during the past decades, now corroborated by lab findings Dr Mae-Wan Ho

Sounds to help your baby sleep

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ICSI associated with birth defects

ICSI is used when sperm not good enough .  . do you want to make  a damaged baby?

Want to make sure the scans are fine, and your baby is as good as you can get?
Become healthy BEFORE making tracks to any reproductive specialists – do something about the quality of your sperm . 

Possibly the QUALITY of what you are making them with needs adjusting – could it be his health?

ICSI is associated with birth defects

The results of a large Australian observational study suggest that intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is linked to an increased risk of birth defects compared with spontaneous conception. The study analysed outcomes from 308,974 births, which included 6,163 involving assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Overall, 8.3% of children born using ART had some type of birth defect, compared with 5.8% of those conceived naturally, although this increased risk was not significant after adjustment for parental factors such as smoking during pregnancy and maternal age.

ICSI, specifically, was associated with a 57% increased risk of birth defects and this increase persisted after adjustment for maternal age and several other risk factors.

A history of infertility, either with or without assisted conception, was also significantly associated with birth defects. (Reproductive technologies and the risk of birth defects. N Engl J Med. 2012 May 10;366(19):1803-13).

(There are many such trials – here is a more recent one.)

What to do?
Sort out the ROS issue – why the sperm are not wonderful? Reactive Oxidative Stress – don’t use the rubbish that is currently being produced – learn more

Are older dads genetically dooming their kids?

This is the question raised by a new study that says older men produce more gene mutations in the children they sire, boosting their risk of schizophrenia and autism and possibly other diseases.

A father’sSuperChargeYourSperm-3d age is by far the biggest factor determining the rate of new, uninherited genetic mutations in his offspring, according to a paper published today in the journal Nature.

Read more about whether older dads are genetically dooming their kids


Beware: Most Feminine Hygiene Products have Toxic Ingredients

Your Feminine hygiene products may be poisoning you

Conventional tampons and sanitary pads are bleached using chlorine dioxide which is technically “chlorine-free,” but the process produces dioxins as a byproduct released into the environment.

According to the US  EPA, dioxin exposure causes cancer in lab animals and also poses a high risk to humans.

Conventional tampons also contain pesticides. Continue reading

Vaccines & Autism

Whist many seem to think that  autism is incidental, not their problem, and not caused or exacerbated by being vaccinated – we do have a problem and it is worsening  ..

HOW did this get so out of hand?

When my daughter was showing signs and I realised she was autistic before she was 6 months old, no one even knew what the word meant. Anyone who has had a true autistic child – not regressed – but one autistic from birth will appreciate the horror – the same dance to avoid eye contact – the complete ignoring of mum as  a mum.

For those who have listened to the loud voice decrying Professor Wakefield and who have not kept up to date . .

From: <> 5 th May 20i3
Several people have provided evidence from the US government of the link between vaccines and autism. The US Vaccine Court has paid out over $2 Billion for vaccine damage claims and millions of dollars for apparent autism caused by vaccines, the most publicised case being Hannah Poling who received 9 vaccines in one day and subsequently developed autism. Her award was $1.5 Million. Here is the link Continue reading