Toxic Baby

Filmmaker Penelope Jagessar Chaffer was curious about the chemicals she was exposed to while pregnant: Could they affect her unborn child?

So she asked scientist Tyrone Hayes to brief her on one he studied closely: atrazine, a herbicide used on corn. (Hayes, an expert on amphibians, is a critic of atrazine, which displays a disturbing effect on frog development.)

Onstage together at TEDWomen, Hayes and Chaffer tell their story.

What sort of mother do you want to be?

What sort of mother do you want to be?

If you want to be have an easy baby to love and enjoy being with 100% you need to bond with your baby at birth.

How does this happen?

You need the hormones mother nature intended to allow you to stay sane and happy as a mum!!

Start with expectations of perfect and see your hormones as your helpers

Birthing easily, ecstatically and undisturbed is what all mammals need – including humans.

Like a marathon, you need to prepare your body for birthing – prepare to be in love and loved at birth and beyond, by baby

What sort of baby do you want?

One who knows instinctively what to do with your nipples!!!

Do drugs given to mums affect baby?  Do they make him/her easy to love?


Pregnancy should be a time of enjoyable anticipation, not fearful worry about what could go wrong.

Currently medical practices may not be in the best interests of you and your baby.

Know what you need and the risks of going along with generally accepted procedures that are not necessary and may even be harmful.

Good nutrition is the foundation of a well pregnancy. Know what you need and why, so you can evaluate the conflicting advice you are bound to be given.


If you are not able to conceive naturally you need to find out why rather than bypass nature by using IVF.

There is always a good reason pregnancy is not happening. It is your body telling you it is not ready to make a perfect baby.

If you wish to learn how to have an easy baby, an easy life – please read what is here with an open mind.

Autism Prevalence: is it growing or not?

The medical profession’s stock response to the alarming growth in autism figures has always been that improvements in medical diagnoses has simply improved the detection rate.

To anyone who has, or knows someone who has an autistic child this is patently absurd.

The trauma of raising an autistic child is such that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what the problem is.

With 1 in 54 boys in the USA now recognised as being autistic, blaming it on better detection rates is a sad refection on the state of medicine.

The NIMH recently published this report:

Autism Prevalence: More Affected or More Detected?

Paternal Age: How Old is Too Old?

Autism And Schizophrenia Share Common Origin, Review Suggests

ScienceDaily (Dec. 18, 2008) — Schizophrenia and autism probably share a common origin, hypothesises Dutch researcher Annemie Ploeger following an extensive literature study.

The developmental psychologist demonstrated that both mental diseases have similar physical abnormalities which are formed during the first month of pregnancy.

Read the full story on Paternal Age Effect: How Old is Too Old?

Oxidative stress and male infertility—a clinical perspective

Oxidative stress occurs when the production of potentially destructive reactive oxygen species (ROS) exceeds the body’s own natural antioxidant defenses, resulting in cellular damage.

Oxidative stress is a common pathology seen in approximately half of all infertile men.

ROS, defined as including oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides are generated by sperm and seminal leukocytes within semen and produce infertility by two key mechanisms.

  • First, they damage the sperm membrane, decreasing sperm motility and its ability to fuse with the oocyte.
  • Second, ROS can alter the sperm DNA, resulting in the passage of defective paternal DNA on to the conceptus.

One of the most effective ways of reducing oxidative stress is to ensure your glutathione levels are replenished

Read the full article on Oxidative stress and male infertility

Endometriosis, fibroids, lumps, cysts blocked tubes

In fact anything where it is not supposed to be . . .

There is a reason the body is growing tissue strangely.

What is triggering off this state of overgrowth?

What is stopping the normal constraints being applied?

Could even be cancer (the dreaded C word that needs undoing in all of us at some point .. . brings up – is your immune system actually happy?

In researching this I have discovered that most of what I have previously put down to as ‘Stuck Liver Qi’ can equally be called – Magnesium deficiency . .    it will pay to ensure that transdermally (across the skin – by applying a Magnesium oil to the skin) and undoing your angst and inner dialogue.

Leakage of past life experiences into this ‘now’
– What sets all this up?

Medically there is a tendency to view the consequences of what has upset a woman at any stage in her life as being incidental/peripheral. This mechanical model is where orthodox version of women’s health care fails.

Acupuncture using an energy model is far more inclusive.

To really understand what is going on in their body, the reader HAS to start where they to date have assumed it is all happening . . and work backwards to what has created the problems that require attention . . what got you to where you are investigating this page and why nothing has really ‘worked’ as you have only followed the physical end points and what to do to undo the RESULTS:

how menstruation is affected by life1

If we looked more to the energy model – especially what was happening in the blood we would have a better idea of what to do to help ourselves.  What you have is not all the focus.

Also look at what CAUSED it to be there at all.

how menstruation is affected by life2

We could look at what has happened to stop the energy from freely circulating. Often it is from small or large increments of cold ingested, or administered  that has lead the body to having pockets of congealed circulation.

External ‘climates’ affecting you

Cold slows down the circulation – whether the cold invasion comes from a therapeutically intended is a cold pack for damaged knees, or from eating ice cream after all meals, or from the chilled water you only drink, or from having an air conditioner on at night as HE sleeps too hot, or from a combination of these as all other small but important increments of cold invasion that have happened over your life to date sits inside you and lurk awaiting time to mess up your flows.

Cold causes the Qi and Blood to become less able to circulate – and pain happens where there is reduced flow.  Having continual and usually unconscious/unaware exposure to cold and then doing everything else as directed will keep the energy problems on board – and you feeling as though it is all hopeless – this is why you are being lead through this process step by step.

how menstruation is affected by life3

Cold invasion and inadvertent storage stops normal body function.  Cold causes congestion, congealing of blood leading to clotting, slow circulation, giving rise to pain. Heat is one temporary help.

You can read more in Cold is NOT a Woman’s Friend .

Emotions (inner climates) affecting you – the emotional responses to the beliefs that we may have been raised with – how we see being a woman/bleeding and ourselves and our sexuality all play a huge role in whether the energy and blood can even flow through our reproductive areas as it is supposed to.

Often these beliefs rule the life.  They may be so pervasive we have no idea of their existence.

I often have women coming in to see me who refuse to have periods – they are continually on the pill or have implants to stop bleeding. This in itself will cause massive health problems as women are designed to make blood and lose it monthly.

What to do about all of this?

Perhaps see that there is more than just going on the pill.

Possibly not just have more surgery for more endometriosis.

Why not correct naturally why it is there and not working perfectly?

Come in and see Heather for a session to see what you can do to help yourself, or start the self empowerment process and download the Living Well package.  Especially start with the MP3 meditation tracks.  The ‘cold and how to affects healing’ ebook is in this as well as six others – including amazingly simple ways to undo the pain and suffering that is bound into your body – get a friend/over to massage your cares away in these easy and highly effective steps Heather has found in her clinical practice.

Sign up for the upcoming series on periods and living well with being a woman.

Gestational Diabetes? A need for obstetric intervention – or just common sense. .

A modern birth story. (What gets in the way of nature doing it as she always has)

A friend suggested she see me – as she and her husband were not happy with what they had to do to birth in Brisbane. As she was an overseas national, she had to have private health insurance, and was not allowed to use the public system. That way she would have had a less fraught experience. Why is birth so seen as dangerous and needing a ‘specialist’ to interfere? What happened?

Her obstetrician told her at 14 weeks that she had gestational diabetes and that she had to have a C section at 38 weeks. QUESTIONS SHE COULD HAVE ASKED. How can you tell?  Is a C section REALLY necessary?  Is my baby really going to be a ‘too big baby’? What does it mean to birth one so? ‘too big’.  How could I have GB at that stage?

ANSWERS – Of course not – she was rotund/ pleasantly plump – as she had always been.  When pregnant and paying so much to someone who is supposed to be an expert . . . being gullible can happen – anything makes sense – and when someone in perceived authority says – who is the expert? Surely it is nature?

Why not go to where we find answers – what we eatWhere do we find magnesium? Why do we need Magnesium at all? A very good question and if not answered all manner of obstetric issues await you.

Where to start? What does magnesium deficiency look/feel like? 

Why is extra magnesium needed in pregnancy?

What is the worst you are trying to avoid by going to an obstetrician? Lets get it all out in the open . . Mildred Seelig in 1980 wrote a book that is freely available – and in it it demonstrates all the things that may happen and won’t if there is enough nutrients – especially magnesium – in board – before pregnancy – and definiteiy supplemented during the pregnancy – want more sleep/sanity/breast milk? The answer is probably magnesium – with out calcium . .

What are you really going to the obstetrician for? Avoidance of birth pain, and/or death of baby/ death of mum? All these are not guaranteed – and are easily reduced by being healthy and informed.  Not by testing that is dangerous and upsetting and not actually helpful in itself.

Pre eclampsia – a great reason to be at the specialist at all – except they tell you to take calcium which blocks what would stop all the problems below – you need magnesium – not calcium . . In acupuncture theory – all the high BP/high stroke /migraine/being overly stressed/clotting disorders/pain and depression and spasms all fall within the category of Stuck Liver Qi and Stuck Liver Blood and all see to be well indicated with magnesium deficiency and come good with the supplementation – transdermally of this.

The pregnant woman fretted.  She just wanted to birth and be a mum naturally.

Eventually after changing her diet and then stumbling upon me, she and her husband had many eye opening conversations, saw very many inspiring and beautiful natural births on line and were sent home with books and websites to broaden what they both thought would happen and what they could do about it.  She used transdermal magnesium to rub on her skin and oral magnesium to take – and told NOT to take any calcium as it blocks the magnesium.

Role of magnesium in blood sugar regulation. More on magnesium and diabetes. And then some more

As a supposed expert in all matters pregnancy – why was the obstetrician not telling the woman who was paying top dollar – what to do – eat differently? Because it is NOT IN HER SCOPE OF PRACTICE –  she is a surgeon after all . . the health care professional is the (in this case) very-experienced-in-all-matters-maternal-natural therapist .. She was stunned when she asked her obstetrician why she had not told her about the role of diet – and she was told “I am not your mother”. (Which medical specialist knows about life creates what is wrong with you?)

No discussion – that was that. C section needed for the potentially ‘big baby’ because of the gestational diabetes she actually did not have.  This is not the first problem with this I have seen with my pregnant women – they all now are told they have GD – which if course means more fee for service and no ‘do no harm’.

I was stunned, as diabetes is not what she had – she just needed to eat more veggies, and protein and fat and drink plenty of water and steer clear of all foods the turned to sugar in the body – not just ‘treats’ but all fruit, fruit juice and cereals/grains. Which she did. And used a lot of magnesium supplementation as it greatly helps in insulin normalisation   – at least to undo all the extra stress caused by the medical fear campaign. To calm mum and her nerves/muscles/electrical impulses and digestion A safer pregnancy JUST by making sure nutrients are on board.

Why is modern medicine so ignorant of the basics?

What was of more concern was the C section dictate –why – because doctor said so – no medical reason besides this. Why? Likely to have a too big baby.

So then – the next hurdle . . . all this stress – now of more concern – the blood pressure, as the weather was diabolically hot and she was not coping with all the strain of fighting with the obstetrician – anyone’s blood pressure would rise.

Much more magnesium, and Chinese herbs and resting resulted. Why magnesium is crucial in pregnancy – BP was stabilised – no mention of the big baby’.

I see this a lot – when one fear based tactic slips away – another replaces this – as the mum is under siege to acquiesce to the easy for the doctor option of a surgical delivery

We also had the induction issue as the big baby debate died down as she went past 40 weeks – as the baby had been scanned and apparently was not so big after all! Baby at 40 weeks (if we were in France a pregnacy is seen to be ‘ready’ at 41 weeks – and that is still not the first one  which always goes over time)

Mum was adamant – and very upset in a lot of the sessions as I walked her through what she could do to ensure the natural birth she wanted for her baby. Time passed and as 42 weeks got nearer, dad was diligent in his massaging of her buttocks and thighs and using the moxa to relax and renew her energy – and at 10 pm at 42 weeks – the waters broke.
I had warned her that with all that they were doing, the labour would be fast once it started – as they had done so much work on her pelvic area, so the whole region was primed. The points were stimulated – all was ready for baby to decide when she wanted to come.

Five minutely contractions that were very strong meant they got to the hospital at midnight.

As she was 5 cm dilated, they went straight to the delivery suite where a lovely midwife realised that she did not want to see her obstetrician. Unfortunately the hospital policy was that she had to be in the bed, – as she was fully dilated, the contractions petered off – of course they did – what about a rest? Your hormones are there to help you.

Getting pushy? Or not?
Not having heard of the space of ‘rest and be thankful’ that all homebirth midwifes know is what a sensible body does, she was told to push, even though she was not really feeling like this. She worried that the contractions were not really strong and just wanted to walk around – but was not allowed to – which means that at 90 minutes from the beginning of being told to push, the obstetrician came in with get ‘you are too tired/let me help you’ spiel.  Vaccum extraction and a cut and a tear – baby born.

At least not a C section, and then only 3.4Kg.
After a whole traumatic pregnancy of being kept in the dark and of being told it was not possible and that baby was in danger. Really – the danger baby was ever in was the intervention of  a fear based modern obstetric practice. Every medical person in the hospital was amazed she did not need drugs and painkillers – why would she – she had been massaged and prepared for birthing, was calm and peaceful and was awash with magnesium”?  Her husband had diligently followed all the steps in the late pregnancy eBook suite and they had the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and the two DVDs to make sure everything went smoothly. He was her epidural!  With all the work they put in prior to baby’s birth day, the actual birth was simple.
Mum and baby very happy – enough milk to feed an army of babies.
Why is this?
Lots of B vitamins – frequent (4-6 daily) and magnesium – oral and on the skin – and plenty of water , protein and fat as well as rest an a happy mum.

Very content baby,

Why can all not get there?
Easy birth?
Would have been more so had a midwife been able to use her skills – and let mum do what mum felt like.

Nature does it so very well, left alone and in peace to unfold – like the opening of a rosebud.

How so?
Right nutrients, good support and preparation from dad – and a body ready to birth – all necessary ingredients.

Perhaps look to nature and avoid so much of the medical worries – as the blueprint you hold inside is for a healthy you and baby – without all the money being spent on checking that nature is doing the right thing – if you do – it will just all flow as above – even with obstetric ‘care’.

Look to what I have for you in all the pregnancy care packages – as you can have what she did – and more – just by helping yourselves and your baby to arrive in intimacy and joy.



How to have an easy baby

If you wish to learn how to have an easy baby, an easy life – please read what is here with an open mind. Being a parent is about a journey into your heart. It does not have to be one born of fear.  Nature wants us to reproduce – and very often. If we are worth replicating. Please think on this.  What is right for the species – not your personal wishes necessarily.

Fertility is a measure of your health – just as with animals. Be well and all follows.

Are you in the best state you have ever been in?

If not – then why would you want to make a baby at this level of ill/health/flatness/age?

Why would nature think it a goer?

Do all that you have to get to where your health and periods, and then life are perfect – and babies will follow. Try to force babies without the first pre-requisites and you may be in for a very long wait and whilst you wait and pend all your money, in ignorance, the likelihood of a great family life dwindles. Is it him really the problem?

  • Why not go to where the healing is?
  • You own heart – look inside – are you the mother you would want to be?
  • Are you with Mr Super dad?
  • Is he looking to building himself up to be the healthiest he ever was so he can give his children the very best, as the initial sperm is all he can offer for their genetic foundation?
  • Or is he believing 4% normal looking sperm is all he needs to show up with?
  • Can he not even look to getting a sperm test? Better food and no substances to make his children with?

Perhaps you need to back up a bit – as being hopeful with the modern reproductive retail industry, which will tell you anything is possible is not he same as using nature’s template for survival of the fittest – are you the fittest you and he can be?

IVF may not be the best place to start.

Become healthy, happy, time to smell the daisies/roses and choose to life as you wish, not driven – and babies – well ones – easy ones – (often too many too close together like your forebears) will follow. As they it is supposed to be – when life and pregnancy was left alone to unfold by itself.

Stay ill, and out of balance and hope your babies will follow – and you may not have a trouble free life.  Modern reproductive medicine will have you believe time is against you – and that you should try to force nature. BUT should you stop and rest and become more at peace with yourself and your rhythms, babies will surely follow. Key ingredient – great sperm.

Is HE is fertile?

Reproductive accidents and obstetric mishaps and often great heartbreak may follow if you do not use the natural path.

Me being the parent of a massively brain injured and profoundly autistic adult daughter, means that my heartache is knowing what you DON’T want. (“But I don’t want to have a damaged baby” – as the argument for scanning and fetal testing (as though it is safe ) See Precious baby

Why not start from the best state possible so the baby IS perfect?  BOTH of you become in vibrant health and consciously prepare for making baby – not with the least possible ‘fertile ‘ sperm – but the best?  How do we know we are ready to start making babies? At least the Jing markers (quality sperm and eggs)  are perfect.

Why? Come to me and we can find out together as your expectations may well be that once pregnant – all flows. It very often does not.

Fetal testing; not telling anyone till after . .. is all about not starting from the strongest position possible – a set of healthy parents to be.

When the assumption is made that scanning and paying surgeons to oversee the end of the pregnancy – what is lost is the magic if unfolding a miracle – and the falling in love for life (with baby), that is possible with natural and undisturbed birth.

I do not support what is happening in modern obstetrics

Knowing birth and pregnancy is safe and what women are designed to do got lost somehow.

Why not a home birth? ‘Risks’ happen in birthing at home or in hospital. Which ones do you want to deal with?

What happens with studies and statistics?

Watchful waiting rather than ensuring perfect babies through simple life changes is what I do. No need to scan and to worry . . take steps to ensure baby is perfect – both before conception and all through the pregnancy by attending a health restoration and wellness sessions. Amazing way to relax and return any tiny deviations from perfect – back to where they should be – optimum health!!

If you do go to the obstetrician – were is the nutritional advice? The assurance that nature is to be trusted and that birthing is safe? The reliance on nature in following each woman as she ripens? Where is the support for the woman to learn to listen to her own body and to become her own expert?

The normal birth specialist is a midwife. The person who is called in when normal is not happening is the obstetrician. They are surgeons, who in the past were great at ensuring the best outcome for mothers and their babies – with the minimum of fuss. All that changed in 1996 with the breech trials and a few insurance payouts to damaged babies and their parents. Now crisis aversion and their risk management through explaining what MIGHT go wrong abounds. Please become more informed.  Do you really need a C section if you have had one before?

Is the C section that all get directed to – even safe for either mum or baby? What about she next baby she has?

Being well and pregnant – means a midwife is where you go – you are not sick – just pregnant. If you believe your baby’s best start is with all the modern interventions, possibly you are not aware of the statistics, and maybe you have bought the idea that having a baby is a case of showing up at a hotel and coming home with a precious bundle. It could be different and it could even be fun.

If you have an obstetrician and want someone to help you have a natural birth, and are thinking if seeing me – please do not bother as you have disqualified yourself by choosing to have someone who is sending fear messages in all they do – rather than helping you make the easiest progression from being a couple, to a family.  You need a midwife and a back up public obstetrician if nature doesn’t work – and why would it not if you started really well and are looking after yourself and taking enough nutrients – especially magnesium?

Why do you need a surgeon as a backup? Why do you need a male expert who has never birthed – and who may not even TRUST birth? Maybe start to pay attention to those who did?

I see you for the rest of your life as I do all stages and all times of your and your family’s ups and downs, as a common sense, natural health care educator.  Hence my focus on your easy parenting in the future is from me being a continuity of care provider – not just as a reproductive specialist. You want the best baby, the best birth and the best and healthiest life possible – not just to be pregnant and to avoid your loved ones dying – that is a very low marker. Go for totally ecstatically bonded and breastfeeding easily – go natural.

Help yourself birth easily – home work to educate the pelvis so it JUST OPENS . .  –