Vaccines & Autism

Whist many seem to think that  autism is incidental, not their problem, and not caused or exacerbated by being vaccinated – we do have a problem and it is worsening  ..

HOW did this get so out of hand?

When my daughter was showing signs and I realised she was autistic before she was 6 months old, no one even knew what the word meant. Anyone who has had a true autistic child – not regressed – but one autistic from birth will appreciate the horror – the same dance to avoid eye contact – the complete ignoring of mum as  a mum.

For those who have listened to the loud voice decrying Professor Wakefield and who have not kept up to date . .

From: <> 5 th May 20i3
Several people have provided evidence from the US government of the link between vaccines and autism. The US Vaccine Court has paid out over $2 Billion for vaccine damage claims and millions of dollars for apparent autism caused by vaccines, the most publicised case being Hannah Poling who received 9 vaccines in one day and subsequently developed autism. Her award was $1.5 Million. Here is the link

I would also highly recommend that you read the information on this link below regarding the HPV vaccines. The Australian healthcare system is straining its budget and it is time to ask the Health Minister why a vaccine with unproven benefits and risks that costs $Au450 per vaccinated person (for 3 doses) has been implemented through the school system (to protect against a non-communicable disease) free to every adolescent boy and girl. Australia is the only country to have provided this arrangement before the benefits of this vaccine against any cancer have been proven and before the long-term risks are established.

Here are 3 important facts that should be remembered:

  1. The Australian health department did not assess the baseline health of adolescent girls and boys for different chronic conditions before this vaccine was introduced and
  2. The TGA does not have a post-vaccination surveillance system that can determine causal relationships with adverse reactions or the frequency with which they occur – for any vaccine. The TGA has a ‘passsive’ surveillance system (voluntary notification) that cannot prove the government’s claim that serious reactions to vaccines ‘are rare’ (any vaccine).
  3. Australian advisory boards to the Health Minister have representatives with many conflicts of interest with industry including the chairman of the ATAGI committee who directly advises our health ministerHere are some of the known conflicts of interest

Here is the link to information about the HPV vaccine. Information is provided at the top of the page (on the link)
From Judy

For those who want to know what to do to HELP their vaccine damaged children – here is what I have done and this is not a discrete issue – I have helped many children who are challenged every minute of their lives by their toxic inner load – which lead them to be seen as different – it is as simple as getting the heavy metals OUT of their bodies.

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